Niantic Teams up with Playmob to Host the First Ever ‘Pokémon GO’ Earth Day Clean Up on April 22nd

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Pokemon GO (Free) will get you to clean up the world soon it seems. Niantic has teamed up with Playmob for an event to clean up the world on April 22nd. This event has been dubbed the Pokémon GO Earth Day Clean Up and it will happen across various locations worldwide. In addition to actually cleaning up, attendees will be able to donate to the Mission Blue Foundation to help support marine protected areas worldwide. The goal of the event is to get trainers to join up and gather garbage and debris in locations that need a lot of work.

They will also be partnering with NGOs around the globe for these locations and events. You’re probably wondering what you get for doing this as a part of the Pokémon GO Earth Clean Up. All trainers get a special avatar item and participating in the actual cleanups will have special rewards unlocked across the world. These rewards vary by the number of attendee trainers. 1,500 trainers will see 2x catch Stardust for Ground, Water, and Grass-Type Pokémon for 48 hours. Double that number will have 3x catch Stardust for 48 hours for all trainers worldwide.

If you’re interested in participating or just want to know where the event is, the Earth Day Clean Up event page has a ton of information and locations including ones in USA, UK, Japan, and more with 12 countries in total. It is good to see Niantic do more with the massive playerbase of Pokémon GO to help others.

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