Over the Top Spear-Throwing Game ‘Lichtspeer’ Hits Apple TV and Android, On Sale for Half Off

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Late last month, Polish developer Lichthund and Canadian publisher Noodlecake unleashed the German-themed fury of Lichtspeer ($3.99) into the iOS App Store, nearly creating an international incident. We fell in love with the absurdity of Lichtspeer when we first saw a preview of it during GDC last year, and were a bit sad to see that the game was available on pretty much every platform besides iOS before finally launching a month ago. But the multi-platform fun doesn’t end there, as today Lichtspeer has also arrived on Android via the Google Play Store and the iOS version has received a free update which adds in Apple TV support. Yes, Lichtspeer on your Apple TV for free if you already own the iOS version. Do note that the Apple TV version requires the use of an MFi controller, and the iOS version’s MFi support has been improved as of this update just for good measure.

That’s not all, though, folks! For the first time since its pre-order discount offer, Lichtspeer is available at a discount on iOS and is half-off its normal price of $3.99 at just $1.99. That’s just two little dollars for a whole heap of German stereotypes and spear-throwing fun. In case you’re curious, we enjoyed Lichtspeer quite a bit in our review, though we did note that’s it’s a pretty darn difficult game. Depending on your gaming tastes, that can be a great thing, and I personally love Lichtspeer to pieces and feel that it shines best on the touchscreen as opposed to physical controls. So if you missed it when it first arrived, OR you’re on Android, OR you’re dying to throw some spears on your Apple TV, OR you were just waiting for a bargain, now is a great time to check out Lichtspeer on whichever dang platform you choose.

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