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GDC 2017 – Four from Noodlecake: ‘Flipping Legend’, ‘Lichtspeer’, ‘Summer Catchers’, and ‘Invert’

Noodlecake is as busy as always and had four different games to show us here at GDC, and they’re all looking quite awesome. Invert is a “Pretentious Puzzle Game" about inverting tiles that should give puzzle fans something tasty to chew on. Then there’s Lichtspeer, a bow-shooting game with a completely off the wall German spin and a really cool art style. Next up is Flipping Legend, which upon first blush might look like yet another endless Crossy-like but is actually one of the coolest games I saw all week. Last but not least is Summer Catchers, another game with a gorgeous art style and a ton of mystique that’s glued together with a satisfying side-scrolling physics driving mechanic. I apologize for the audio quality in a couple of these, they’re still audible but kind of muffled and quiet, and I blame my stupid idiot hand accidentally covering the mic.

Noodlecake is known for putting out quality stuff, but this stable of upcoming games is perhaps some of their strongest work ever. There’s a real emphasis on unique elements and great visuals in each of these games. The crazy thing is that Noodlecake had even MORE games that are in the pipeline, and along with these 4 there should be a new game from these guys trickling out steadily over the course of the year. We’ll be keeping an eye on everything and will bring you updates as they happen.