Cute Co-Op Puzzler ‘Death Squared’ Is Launching on Android This Week, Alongside a Limited Time $3.99 Sale

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Death Squared ($5.99) is a perfect example of how I believe the Switch/Mobile dichotomy can positively affect the App Store. While at its heart a relatively straightforward puzzle caper, Death Squared exuded charm in every detail, and conjured up an impressive Portal-esque feel with its presentation and polish. However, while the game achieved significant success on the Switch, its premium mobile release has proven to be slightly less profitable. Even though its $6.99 price point was still a substantial saving on its console brother, Death Squared failed to make a splash when it launched on the App Store in February. In an attempt to reach an even greater audience with their latest creation, developer SMG Studios has announced that an Android version of Death Squared will launch this weekend, which will coincide with a $3.99 sale for the title across its mobile platforms.

I’m a huge fan of SMG’s content across all platforms, with the likes of Thumb Drift (Free) and One More Bounce (Free) nailing the compromise between a successful free-to-play monetisation with enticing and substantial gameplay. Death Squared really felt like a huge step up for the studio, and so seeing it not perform as well as the developers may have hoped is disappointing, if somewhat predictable. I really hope that SMG manage to keep up their impressive run of essential App Store titles in the future, even if they take a guise similar to their slightly older releases. The co-op puzzle action of Death Squared is a lot of fun, whether on iPhone, Switch or soon to be Android, and at a $3.99 price point I can definitely recommend giving the game a look, especially for anyone lamenting the steady demise of free-to-play mobile games. Check out Death Squared on Android later this week, and let us know your impressions of any version of the title on our forum thread.

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