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GDC 2018: ‘SneakOps’ is an Endless Sneaker from Noodlecake

It wouldn’t be GDC without the guys from Noodlecake bringing an overwhelming amount of games to the show. They’re operating on all cylinders when it comes to publishing lately, and the first game they showed us this year is SneakOps. It’s effectively an endless sneaker, and using all sorts of stealthy mechanics you likely already know from Metal Gear and other similar games you see how far you can sneak.

It’s a free to play game that monetizes via the super familiar checkpoint system. You’ve surely played a game that does this, but you collect the soft currency in the game then spend it on unlocking checkpoints or you can just buy the premium unlock (or watch as many ads as you feel like). This reminds me a lot of Never Stop Sneakin’ on the Switch and I’m super happy that we’re finally getting a game like this on mobile.