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Watch ‘Harry Potter’ Actors, Fans Get Hype About ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’

We’re still not 100 percent sure when Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is going to be gracing our phones and tablets, though it’s already made it’s first cautious inroads toward release. In the meantime, Jam City has been doing an excellent job keeping the hype train to the Wizarding World fully fueled so we can all hop on at Platform 9 3/4 when the time arrives.

The company’s latest effort, which you can see below, is a video of fans getting their hands on Hogwarts Mystery (before you, but hey) at the A Celebration of Harry Potter event in Orlando back at the end of January. Now granted, there’s a certain home field advantage element to the reactions of people playing the game given the nature of the event, but it’s pretty clear that the attendees are pretty psyched about being able to create their own wizard or witch and sending them to Hogwarts.

Oh, and if you’re even the least bit observant, you’ll notice the familiar faces of actors from the Harry Potter movies getting to experience an early build of the game as well.

The video doesn’t show off too much in the way of gameplay, though previous videos have given more of a peek behind the curtain in that regard, and there are gameplay videos out there from people who have been playing the game in soft launch too. One thing that comes across in this latest clip is how much players enjoy interacting with the characters they know and love from the books and movies, and that might ultimately be what sets Hogwarts Mystery apart from other Harry Potter games, including the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

In any case, we’ll send out an owl the next time there’s a video or more word on a release date, and if one of the Weasleys wants to help us get some hands-on time in the interim, we wouldn’t say no.