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Charming Cartoon Beat-Em-Up ‘Golem Rage’ Is Charging Onto the App Store on April 12th – Sign up for Our Exclusive Beta Test Here

With all the noise surrounding the huge, sprawling battle royale games like Fortnite (Free) and PUBG Mobile (Free), it’s easy to forget that there are other upcoming App Store titles to be excited about in 2018. It’s been a really long time coming – I first wrote about the game back in June 2016 – but it looks like the end is finally in sight for the development of the promising cartoon beat-em-up Golem Rage. We were impressed in our previous glimpses of the game and how it managed to develop from a rough concept to a charming and chaotic complete package over time, and the final trailer only emphasises the progression made as you look to bash, crash and smash through an eclectic array of enemies. Golem Rage has a firm iOS release date of April 12th (with Android launching soon after), and as a reward for the TouchArcade community’s continuous support throughout development, and creators have provided an exclusive TestFlight beta preview for members on our forum thread.

Those lamenting the freemium shift on the App Store of late will be delighted to know that Golem Rage is launching as a fully premium title, and will be available to download in its entirety for a mere $2.99. There’s definitely no better way to show your support for indie developers than getting behind titles like Golem Rage, and the details on our forum thread highlight the depth of gameplay, story and even humor in every aspect of the title. Whether it’s picking up a knight to throw in slow-mo as he sarcastically remarks ‘this is fine’, or other enemies complaining that they’re ‘not paid enough for this’, it seems the developers have made an extra effort on the little details of Golem Rage, and this is also evident in how the gameplay takes the best of beat-em-up, runners and adventure games to provide a visually stunning amalgam of styles. I hope Golem Rage achieves the success is very much deserves when it launches on April 12th – if you want to beta test the game before the release, sign up to our exclusive trial on the Golem Rage forum thread.