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GDC 2018: ‘What the Golf?’ is the Hilariously Absurd Golfing Game for People Who Hate Golf

I know it’s early in the week but I already might have found my favorite game of GDC 2018. It comes from Danish studio Triband who are currently working on the desktop game Keyboard Sports as well as a mobile and desktop game called What the Golf? Described as “The golf game for people who hate golf," What the Golf? employs the tried and true pull-back-to-release mechanic, but is only VERY loosely based on actual golf. You’ll be launching all manner of silly items towards a flag placed in the hole, and lots of times there will be puzzle elements like one hole where you must launch a ball into a vehicle in order to nudge the vehicle into some explosive barrels that would have otherwise prevented you from reaching the flag stick. And sometimes you’ll launch a house. Yeah, this game gets really weird. Check out our entertaining hands-on video from GDC 2018 and look for What the Golf? on iOS, Android, and Steam sometime this summer.