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GDC 2018: A First Look at the Next ‘Ravensword’ Game, ‘Ravensword Legacy’ by Crescent Moon Games

Ravensword is a game series that’s practically legendary around here, with the most recent entry, Ravensword Shadowlands ($6.99). Like the previous Ravensword games, we loved it in our review and loads of people are always chomping at the bit for what’s next in the Ravensword-iverse. We got our answer today with Ravensword Legacy:

As you can tell from the video, it’s super early and they’ve basically got it to the point that it’s an open sandbox ready to be built upon. This time around, it’s built by the same team that made Morphite ($7.99), which pretty much means it’s going to be a huge open world thing just like Morphite. We’ll see how it all ends up when the game is finally done, but I really like the direction the game is going.