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Ubisoft’s ‘Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians’ Soon Releasing Worldwide, Pre-Registration Now Available

Ubisoft’s Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians will soon launch worldwide, and pre-registration for the game is now open. This pre-registration seems a bit skimpy as there isn’t the promise of any launch day rewards, but instead this will serve as a way to notify players that the game is ready for download. Ubisoft isn’t using the pre-order system on iOS for this, but they are using Google Play’s native pre-registration system in order to notify players.

What is Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians? It’s essentially Ubisoft’s take on Summoners War (Free), using a cutesy take on their long-running Might and Magic franchise. The game first soft launched on Android about a year ago, and is available in Canada on iOS. You collect and power up a variety of creatures, and send them into battle in 5v5 formation.

Sadly, Heroes of Might and Magic long ago met its compatibility demise on iOS, and it’d be nice to get an update to that game to go along with this new release. Using old-school PC game licenses for modern free-to-play experiences has always been controversial (see Dungeon Keeper) and I’ve always thought that companies could try to eat their cake and have it too by providing retro ports to those who want the old-school experience on the go, to go along with the new, modern take. Granted, Ubisoft does have Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition ($9.99) available, so do remember that you have options.

We’ll see if Ubisoft can turn this use of their classic license into modern mobile gaming gold, especially after such a lengthy soft launch. You can pre-register for the game and find out when it’s available worldwide on iOS here, or sign up for Google Play’s native pre-registration here.

Update: New details from Ubisoft about the worldwide launch and pre-registration. You’ll get an exclusive creature (and on Android, it’s Andru, the green Android mascot), and the game is currently set to launch worldwide on May 31st.