Digital Strategy Board Game ‘Armello’ Finally Available Worldwide on the App Store

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League of Geeks’ digital strategy board game, Armello (Free), has finally completed its long and winding path to mobile, and is out now worldwide! The game actually started as an iPad tile early in development, before its development took it to PC and consoles, where the title has grown a sizable userbase and sees a ton of content released for it regularly. But after so long, the mobile version is finally here, and you can play it on your iPhone or iPad.

This is kind of a 4X board game, where you play as one of four heroes in the kingdom of Armello. The king is dying of a corruption called the Rot, and players have several ways to win, which are basically to kill the king, cure the king of the rot, or have the most prestige points when the king dies. You earn prestige by completing actions like quests, killing the Banes that spawn, or by killing othr players on the board. Your strategy might vary based not just your character, but your particular circumstances. There’s a lot of decision-making, but the game is fairly easy to get into once you get past the tutorial prologues.

The mobile adaptation is free-to-play, and it’s a bit of a convoluted monetization scheme. You can buy new characters and customization items with in-game currency (in both soft and hard ‘premium’ variety), as opposed to just paying for the game and then DLC like on PC. However, you can also buy a subscription to unlock everything. The base price is $5.99 per month, but you can also go up to a year subscription for $35.99 per year and just unlock everything. The game does support online multiplayer to go along with the singleplayer. If you want to play for free, you’ll get access to the singleplayer and online multiplayer, so this is rather generous free offering.

We’ll have a full review of Armello soon but if you want to check the game out for yourself, you can download it for free now.

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