‘Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition’ Gets ‘The Crimson Court’ and ‘Shieldbreaker’ DLC Along with $0.99 Sale

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Right now, Darkest Dungeon ($4.99) is on a stupid discount down to $0.99, and it seems the reason why is because the DLC for the game is coming to the app shortly. The update adding the two DLC packs is out now on the App Store, along with the $0.99 sale, but it appears that the DLC will not be active on the App Store until Thursday, March 15th, so you’ll have to wait a bit in order to get these DLC packs if you have the game already. Crimson Court will cost $4.99, and Shieldbreaker will run you $1.99.

Crimson Court adds in a new dungeon region, the Courtyard, with five new bosses and 10 new buildings. Players can use a new hero class, the Flagellant. Oh, and there’s a deadly new curse, the Crimson Curse, which turns characters into vampires. You’ll need to manage their blood cravings, but triggering Bloodlust can give them a massive advantage in combat. Don’t worry, this curse only shows up in the DLC portion of the game, if you’d rather play without it.

Meanwhile, Shieldbreaker is a new character class that features a new set of abilities, including a skill that targets the Stealth mechanic, added in this patch. Stealth means that a monster can’t be targeted by direct attacks at the beginning of combat. The Shieldbreaker is slow but powerful, with unique camping abilities.

Blitworks, the studio that helped Red Hook port the game, also helped with this DLC. If this does well on iPad, hopefully we’ll see the next DLC, The Color of Madness. Along with the iPad DLC release, Red Hook revealed new details for this DLC. The Farmstead features wave-based survival, with repeatable quests and high kill count tracking. A new enemy faction run by The Miller will face off with the player’s party. Thankfully, you will have a Resupply ability in new curious that appear between waves. New music, items, and secrets will also come as part of this DLC. It likely will hit other platforms first, though.

Considering that this game runs you at least $20 more on a platform like the Switch, I feel almost guilty picking up Darkest Dungeon for this crazy low price. Already, the game was super-cheap on iPad, but now it’s cheaper than a decent taco! While you might have to wait for the DLCs to become available for purchase, you can get Darkest Dungeon for $0.99 right now on the App Store.

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