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GDC 2018: Hands-On with the Crescent Moon Games’ Sequel ‘Legend of the Skyfish 2’

Among the first meetings we had at GDC this year was Josh from Crescent Moon Games who had a ton of games to show off. The first is Legend of the Skyfish 2 which is (obviously) the sequel to Legend of the Skyfish ($3.99). We really liked the original when we first reviewed it, as it was super cool how they effectively took hook shot puzzles from Zelda and turned it into a full game. Check out the sequel:

Legend of the Skyfish 2 is still heavily in development, but Josh and the rest of the Crescent Moon Crew are hoping to release the game this year. If nothing else, this should serve as a good reminder to check out Legend of the Skyfish Zero (Free) at minimum, to get a taste of the game so you know what to expect for the sequel.