The Next ‘Hearthstone’ Expansion is “The Witchwood,” and There’s a Song

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Late last month we posted about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion and what it means for the game: The arrival of the Year of the Raven! As of a few moments ago, we now know what the mysterious expansion signaling this shift turned out to be: The Witchwood. Based on what has been revealed so far, it seems to be an expansion that hinges on things you’d find lurking in a creepy forest of Azeroth. Worgen, ghosts, creatures of all kinds, and things along those lines. Better yet, this expansion finally has song.

Check out the reveal video:

Notable additions to the set include cards which sort of behave like flip cards do in Magic, Worgen cards can shift their attack and health each time they’re in your hand. (So a 2/4 will be a 4/2 the following turn and then a 2/4 after that and so on.) Additionally, a new “Rush" keyword works a lot like Charge, but Rush minions can only instantly attack minions the turn that they’re played- Not heroes.

Better yet, if your favorite part of Kobolds & Catacombs was the Dungeon Run mode, The Witchwood will have a similar single player component called Monster Hunt. Few details are available on that right now, but it sounds functionally identical with some thematic changes which I AM A-OK WITH! (Dungeon Run has turned into my favorite way to play Hearthstone.)

For more details check out the official web site, oh, and of course, there’s a $49.99 pre-purchase bundle which is really the best overall value when it comes to buying any Hearthstone cards. Oh, and along with that pre-order opportunity comes the 10.4 update available now on the App Store which features some significantly speedier load times!

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