The Label’s GDC Indie Showdown Closes Entry Submission Tonight – You Can Win Cash and a Championship Belt

Heads up indie developers! The Label (formerly known as IndiePlus) are closing submissions for their GDC Indie Showdown tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific time. The contest will award $12,500 in cash to the winner, $5,000 to the first runnerup, and then $2,500 to the second runnerup. The contest is only for indie studios, which The Label helpfully defines as “game teams of no more than 30 members who own at least 75% of the showcased game IP." That actually works out pretty well as a general indie developer definition! Also, for this contest, the games have to be playable on mobile devices, must not be launched worldwide, and must not have a signed publishing contract.

Unlike a lot of other contests, where the prizes include non-cash prizes, all the prizes here are just straight-up cash. Also, you get a sweet-ass championship belt for winning.The panel of judges have included some notable names in the past, and The Label is publishing titles from notable developers like Edmund McMillen of The Binding of Isaac ($14.99) fame, and Asher Vollmer of Threes ($5.99) fame. Previous winners of the IndiePlus contests are all really good games, too, so entering and winning this is a sign of big things to come.

You don’t have to submit literally everything you’ll need right away to enter The Label’s Indie Showdown, just your name, email, your game, and a description (including a potential sizzle reel) of your game in order to get started. Better nail that down, and I hope your game is notable enough to get past that first section. With cash and prestige available, this is well worth it. And you better plan to be at GDC in a couple of weeks, too. Enter while you still can!