SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Diablo 3’, ‘FlintHook’, ”Gear.Club Unlimited’, and More

Welcome to another SwitchArcade Roundup, full of new games and some interesting sales for the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps it’s because the end of the fiscal year is coming up, but it seems like a particularly busy time of year. Or perhaps the Switch gold rush of 2017 that’s spurring other developers to get on board is finally seeing work come onto the system, making the Switch release schedule incredibly jam-packed. You might not ever run out of content for the Switch between ports and new releases, unless it becomes financially un-viable, but for now…enjoy the madness.


Splatoon 2 adds Goby Arena map

Seriously, if you’re not playing Splatoon 2, you’re missing out on a game that is getting a ton of free content on a regular basis. The latest update adds in Goby Arena, a basketball arena. The center court area is key, as it’s tough to push to the enemy base with un-inkable ramps. You’ll see it a lot in the map rotations. Do keep in mind that Arowana Mall is also not in map rotation at the moment due to some bugs that need to be fixed with it. There’s also a new weapon to check out, the Dark Tetra Dualies.

Did Blizzard tease Diablo 3 for Switch?

Is Blizzard teasing Diablo 3 coming to the Switch? That sure looks like the lord of evil and a switch…hmm! Blizzard’s PR is denying it, but I mean, it’s not like they’re gonna be like “you got me" and suddenly spill the beans. They’ll do so when they’re ready. In a previous life, when social engagement numbers were important, maybe some content manager was looking to goose up those numbers by trolling the “we want everything on the Switch" crowd. But to be fair, we should get Diablo 3 on Switch. To quote Jonah Hill, it would be “clean and rad and powerful."

Flinthook releases on March 9th for Switch

Tribute Games has a release date for the Switch version of their hookshot roguelike-inspired platformer, Flinthook. And it’s coming at you fast: March 9th! You explore ships for treasure, take on bosses, and most importantly, use your hookshot to launch from place to place. It’s pretty fun, and while I prefer grappling hooks to hookshots, I am here for anything involving hooks. This should be rather fun on the Switch, particularly with the roguelike replayability.

New Games

Super Toy Cars

I don’t know if Micro Machines was just super-influential, or if the idea of toy cars racing around normal, human-sized environments is just something that keeps getting game developers to keep cranking these outs. Regardless, Super Toy Cars lets you drive around courses full of decorations and obstacles like food, and shoot giant eight-balls as a weapon.

Grid Mania

Qubic Games brings a logic-based puzzler to the Switch. You have to move balls around the grid to put each ball in its correct color spot, with rules variations across four different game modes. There are 170 levels in total, and this one will only run you $3.99 if you have some extra eShop credit that’s burning a hole in your pocket.

Little Triangle

Finally, triangles get their shot at wreaking havoc on other, more efficient shapes. And, uh, weird non-polygonal creatures? You can only walk and jump in this one, but you can play in four player mode in either a cooperative campaign, or a combat arena where everyone’s trying to bop each other.

Guilt Battle Arena

Ooh, this one seems interesting. Each player in this battle arena game starts with a single bullet, and if you miss, you have to go pick it up before firing again. It reminds me a bit conceptually of Towerfall, but only having the one shot means there’s more risk to start off with. First step: get some friends. Second step: try out this game.

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated

iFun4All revives its early-2010s mobile and Wii game for the Switch. Once known as Crap of Defense, you have to assail the neverending paper enemy hordes in a castle-defense-style gameplay. The concept was amusing back in the day, I’m curious if this one holds up all these years later.

Packet Queen #

Described as an active solitaire game where you divide packets and put them in solitaire-style hands, this seems to be a game for people who think their puzzle games need to be very anime. The good news is that this has online multiplayer and a story mode, so you should get your $4.99 worth out of this one. A savage note in the description: “online service may be terminated without notice, so please be forewarned."


Gear.Club Unlimited

($39.99 from $44.99 until March 16th) I remember when this was introduced as an Apple TV racing game, then a mobile title. Taking a mobile free-to-play title, with all its expansive amounts of content, and reworking it for the console audience, is an intriguing idea, particularly when the core games are often really well made beyond the monetization trappings.

Mutant Mudds Collection

($7.49 from $14.99 until March 22nd) This includes Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the well-known platformer with its clever foreground and background action. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge throws 40 difficult levels at players. Finally, Mudd Blocks is a puzzle game set in the universe, making this package come off as a unique set of titles, and not just three different versions of the same experience.

Syberia 1 and 2

($19.99 from $29.99 each until March 16th) Benoit Sokal’s well-received adventure games are on the Switch, and if you missed your chance to explore Europe and solve puzzles that would take you to the mythical island of Syberia, well, now you can do so on your Switch at a discount. The games are full of gorgeous art, and they’re a great fit in the modern era of gaming where adventure titles have seen a resurgence.

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