Awesome Rhythm Game ‘Cytus II’ Hits Android Next Week, With a Huge New Update Launching on iOS March 15th

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Rhythm games are about the only things that have managed to coax me off Spotify as of late, and Cytus II ($1.99), the latest effort from prolific App Store develop Rayark, is undoubtedly one of the better offerings. Making a surprise appearance on iOS earlier this year, Cytus II takes some really compelling rhythm action and merges it with a cool sci-fi premise and a beautiful cyberpunk aesthetic, and we loved the resulting concoction in our glowing review on the game’s release. As fervent fans of Rayark’s previous titles will sure be familiar with at this point, Cytus II is set to receive a brand new update on March 15th, adding a brand new character expansion pack alongside some neat minor fixes just one week after the game’s full Android release on March 8th.

The major addition to Cytus II is the inclusion of the new character Cherry, with ten new songs in tow. While there is a substantial $9.99 cost to try her out in the game, anyone encapsulated by the rhythm action in Cytus II will likely not need convincing in picking up this latest expansion pack. There are a number of extra additions for anyone just wanting to stick with the base release, with the character level limit increased, new free unlockable songs and story content, taptic feedback and a number of gameplay optimisations. The Android version will come with all these features at launch on March 8th, and will also be on sale until March 14th for a bargain price of $1.39. Pre-register for Cytus II on Google Play now, and in the lead up to the title’s 1.1 update on March 15th, let us know your thoughts on the game almost two months later on our forum thread.

Thanks nyanpass for the find!

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