‘Evoland 2’ Is Now Available with a 10% Launch Discount for iPhone and iPad

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Playdigious and Shiro Games have just released Evoland 2 ($4.99) on the App Store. Evoland 2 on iOS is a universal game and it includes an Apple TV version. A little while ago, we were told that it would not be releasing on iOS for a few reasons and it is good to see how things have changed since then. I loved Evoland ($2.99) and I’m glad to be able to play the sequel on iOS. Evoland and Evoland 2 have seen success in general and hopefully things go well with the iOS port. Watch the trailer for the mobile version that is now available below:

Evoland 2 is also available with a 10% launch discount right now. It supports the iPhone X display and has controller support as well. If you’ve never played Evoland, it is discounted right now as well and you should absolutely play it if you’re into RPGs and want to see how they evolved over the years.

Evoland 2 looks to be a bigger and more immersive experience than the original. There are obviously loads of references to other games and it will see you visit various eras of gaming from the past until the present including the golden SNES era RPGs and even fighting games. Evoland 2 is now available on the App Store as a universal game. The Android release will happen in a few months and you can sign up to their newsletter here to be notified about the Android release.

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