‘Warhammer Quest 2’ is Coming to Android Next Month and Needs Beta Testers

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One of the heavy hitter releases of last year was Perchang’s Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times ($4.99), a long-awaited sequel to the beloved 2013 tactical turn-based strategy game Warhammer Quest ($2.99), originally from Rodeo Games. Built on the same solid foundation of the original, Warhammer Quest 2 offers a brand new storyline to play through and also expands on that first game in a number of interesting ways, the most dramatic of which being the visuals which are now in full 3D. Sure, fancy visuals are nice to look at and all, but here it also allows you to zoom into the action and get a much better sense of your perspective while playing, which was very cool. Overall Warhammer Quest 2 offered exactly what you’d hope for from a sequel, retaining everything that made the first game so good while expanding and improving on the formula. We really loved it in our 5 star review.

If you’re an Android gamer, then chances are you aren’t aware of any of that, as Warhammer Quest 2 is not currently available on Android. But that’s about to change! Perchang has announced that they’re finishing up work on the Android port of Warhammer Quest 2 and expect to have it out towards the end of March, but in the meantime they’re looking for some Android folks to help test the game. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy doing then shoot an email to beta [at] perchang [dot] com and throw your hat in the ring. The Android version should launch with equal content to the iOS version and will include all current Warriors and Expansions, including the fantastic The Lord of Khorne expansion which just launched last week. So if you’re one of our Android friends and want to get in on the test then hit up Perchange about the beta, otherwise just hang tight for another handful of weeks until Warhammer Quest 2 is finally available on Android.

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