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Build and then Battle in ‘Inochi’, a Robot Battling Game Coming February 6th

One of the more popular genres on the App Store are PvP battling games. They also work quite well with the free to play model. Online multiplayer games need a big user base and having a game be free is a good way to help ensure that. Then these games often feature tons of characters to collect and upgrade, which works right into the gacha mechanics that, ahem, the whole games industry loves so much. Cynicism aside, these facts do usually lead to games that can be played by a ton of people with very few restrictions. UK-based KISS Publishing, who have helped bring games like Pooka: Magic and Mischief (Free) and The Great Gatsby Secret Treasure ($2.99) to mobile, are now bringing the turn-based robot battling game Inochi to the App Store next week.

The neatest thing about Inochi is that you’ll be able to build and customize your own robots, which are called AniMechs. Characters start out based on a variety of animals, like Gorilla, Chick, Panda, or Rabbit, and each have 6 different body parts that will give various attributes to the characters. The real fun begins when you start defeating opponents and collecting robot parts as prizes, and then go on to create a crazy Frankenstein’s monster of a personalized robot to suit your needs. It sounds like a pretty cool idea, and if this all sounds interesting to you as well then you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Inochi as it’s scheduled to land next Tuesday, February 6th.