The ‘Arena of Valor’ Switch Beta Kicks off This Weekend

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Arena of Valor (Free) is among my favorite games that have been released recently. As I lay out in my review, it really feels like the first mobile MOBA that has really nailed everything that I love about League of Legends (which I suppose makes sense considering Tencent owns them both). Dead set on global domination of the MOBA market, this weekend Tencent is kicking off a European beta of the Switch version of the game.

They’re keeping their cards irritatingly close to their chest on this beta, and we aren’t being included because I’m not in Europe… even though we have staff in Europe, but, hey, whatever. While we won’t have any direct hands-on first impressions of what the game is like on the Switch, I have no doubt there will be loads of people uploading YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch when the beta does go live which will happen between midnight UTC on the 27th and ending at midnight UTC on the 29th.

Tencent is asking everyone involved to send them feedback on the Switch beta, and there’s two places they’re looking for that at: You can either join the Discord for the beta or email them at [email protected]. If you’re not even able to be in the beta because of Tencent’s absurd regional policies, well, that seems like valuable feedback too, at least in my eyes.

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