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Tomorrow Corporation Announces ‘7 Billion Humans’, a Follow up to ‘Human Resource Machine’ and It Isn’t Coming to iOS for Now

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Tomorrow Corporation has announced 7 Billion Humans which is a follow up to the lovely Human Resource Machine ($4.99). If you aren’t familiar with Human Resource Machine, read our review here. 7 Billion Humans looks to be a supercharged follow up with more programming through puzzles. Human Resource Machine was based on Assembly and to be handled by a single person while 7 Billion Humans is based on an all new language with multiple workers doing things at the same time. Watch the announcement trailer below:

7 Billion Humans will have more than 60 levels and best of all, a new soundtrack from Kyle Gabler. Now if you’ve watched the trailer, you’re probably wondering why there’s no iOS or Android logo at the end. Human Resource Machine launched on PC platforms before jumping to mobile and this will as well going by their history with the platform.

It makes sense to launch on Switch along with PC to get in more full priced sales before launching at a much lower price point on iOS and Android. There have been loads of mobile releases which have seen ports to Switch given the hybrid nature and touch screen. In almost every case, these cost much more than the iOS or Android version of said game. Until it does get announced for iOS and Android, 7 Billion Humans is set to release soon on Nintendo Swith and PC platforms. You can check it out on Steam here or on the official website here.

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