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Spherical Roguelite Top-Down Shooter ‘Globe’ Coming February 1st

Back in March of last year Optimum Games announced a new project called Globe, a top-down shooter that took place on a spherical globe similar to games like Super Stardust or, for a mobile example, the fantastic Darkside ($1.99). As the story goes, aliens are invading Earth and a space station that’s patrolling the planet has been attacked, which has sent the crew of astronauts flying out into space. You’ll need to fly around gathering up the stranded crew and fending off the aliens before they have a chance to attack Earth. Globe looked really cool back in March and is looking better than ever in this much more recent trailer.

Today Optimum Games have announced that Globe is ready to arrive on both iOS and Android at the beginning of next month, February 1st to be exact, and is being published by ZPLAY. Alongside all the shooting and rescuing, Globe will also feature a rogue-inspired loot system that sees you collecting over 30 different types of Mods for your ship in common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary flavors. With all the different Mods and 5 different types of spaceships to pilot there’s hundreds of ways you can build out your ship during the game, and there’s 20 Permanent Upgrades to add a more long-term sense of overall progression. It all sounds very cool and I’m quite interested in taking Globe for a spin when it lands in just a couple of weeks, but in the meantime check out the game’s forum thread for some discussion.