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Save the Earth From Aliens and Asteroids in Upcoming ‘Globe’

Optimum Games has announced an interesting new game called Globe. Described as a rogue-lite space shooter, you’ll be flying over Earth, trying to protect it from alien invasions, oncoming asteroids, and also saving the astronauts from the space station that was previously keeping Earth safe. The game takes place on a spinning globe, not unlike Super Stardust or Darkside ($1.99), as you fly around, picking up items and firing at enemies. What’s unique is that the game will be playable in portrait mode, with just left and right controls, autofire being part of the equation here. While it looks like there are separate left and right buttons, a one-finger control scheme would be great. What, am I expected to save Earth while using both hands? Come on!

If Globe intrigues you, check out the forum thread for more details and GIFs. Also, the developers are looking for testers to help bring this game to fruition, so check out the instructions to sign up if you arae interested.