HCT World Championship, Free Packs, Cubelock, and More ‘Hearthstone’ News in ‘Touchstone’ #121

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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of the best stories on videos from the world of Hearthstone (Free). This past week was another relatively slow one, with most stories focusing on the upcoming HCT World Championship and the usual top decks. Still, the game continues to be fun, and Kobolds & Catacombs continues to slowly surrender its secrets (the most recent one being all about a little Weasel). I hope you enjoy the best news and videos of the week, and don’t forget to do two things this week: get your free packs for choosing a champion and watching the big upcoming tournament. Hop on below and let us begin.




Ben Brode Hints at Balance Patch Coming

In a recent tweet, game director Ben Brode indicated that the developers are planning on nerfing some cards probably next month. He didn’t mention which cards might be getting the nerf hammer, but the writer of the news story hopes Corridor Creeper sees a nice nerf given that it can be found in a ton of decks and is pretty overpowered. He also goes into some other possibilities, and you can read the whole story here.

BlizzCon Arena-only Cards Still a Few Months Away

As you probably remember, Blizzard had BlizzCon attendees vote on 9 new cards to be added to the Arena. Community manager Jesse Hill has stated that those cards are still a few months away, so we shouldn’t hold our breath. The writer of the news story believes that those cards will be added to the game when the new expansion smell wears off. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the Arena because some of them are on the crazy side of things. Read the whole story here.

The Weasel Is the Key to a Very Strong Deck

According to this story, Weasel Tunneler is once again a hot card in a brand new deck that looks to weaken your opponent’s deck. The trick is to make multiple copies of this 1/1 card using various Priest and Neutral spells and minions. The Weasel Priest deck also runs the Awaken the Makers Quest card to increase maximum health and provide more time for the weasels to do their job. Trolling decks are the best.

Free Packs for Choosing HCT World Champion

The Hearthstone Championship Tour starts January 18th, so you have until tomorrow to pick your Champion and get free packs if said champion does well. As we talked about in our story, DocPwn is a pretty safe bet, but you can never know how these things will go; Thijs let the pressure of people betting on him get to him and didn’t do well. Head over here to choose your champion.

4 Decks to Watch at the HCT World Championship

This story talks about the 4 decks you should be paying attention to during the HCT World Championship because they should be fun to watch (and also to try, if you have the appropriate cards). The decks are Sintolol’s Jade Druid, Ant’s Spiteful Dragon Priest, Orange’s Face Hunter, and Sintolol’s Big Spell Mage. It’s always fun trying to figure out which decks will stand out and then seeing whether you bet on the right horse. Head over here for full decklists.

World Championship Decks Are Mostly What You’d Expect

It’s always fun seeing what the best players in the world decide to play in a tournament, and there’s no bigger tournament than the World Championship. All 16 players are bringing Priest, with 14 of them bringing the highlander version. Druid and Warlock as also very popular, and, on the other side of the spectrum, Hunter is only found in Orange’s decks. Overall, though, the deck selection is predictable given that it closely follows current meta reports. Read the whole story here.

Cubelock Deck Guide

Cubelock is a new version of Warlock that is all about the Carvinorous Cube and Voidlord, and it’s been pretty successful. This guide goes into detail on how to put the deck together, which cards to possibly substitute, and how to deal with various matchups. Have you played the deck yet?

Best Decks of the Week

This HearthHead story brings together the best decks from last week. The list includes both strong meta decks but also more unique decks that offer different kinds of entertainment. The decks include the powerful Highlander Priest, Tempo Rogue, Control/Cube Warlock, but also decks like Legend Quest Rogue and Legend Pirate Rogue. Check out all the decks here.




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