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First-Person “Impossible” Game ‘Glitch Dash’ Gets First Trailer and is Close to Being Finished

In June of last year, we posted about Glitch, a first-person take on the “impossible" game genre popularized by the titular The Impossible Game ($0.99) as well as Geometry Dash ($1.99) and many others. Basically, a twitchy fast-reaction platformer but in a first-person perspective. The early glimpses of the game looked really cool, and developer David Marquardt of Marquardt Games, creator of the Noodlecake-published Fluffy Jump (Free) and Pull My Tongue ($0.99), has been hard at work on the game, now known as Glitch Dash, ever since. Well the light is at the end of the tunnel as today Marquardt updated the game’s forum thread with news that Glitch Dash is close to completion and offered up a brand new trailer.

As you can see, Glitch Dash will have you running through gauntlets of death that materialize right before your eyes, tasking you with avoiding things like giant swinging axes and deadly lasers as you progress. It looks like split-second timing will be key as some of the hazards leave zero room for error, and there appears to be some sort of perspective rotating going on too as some obstacles require the world to “roll over" in order for you to pass them. I’m curious how it all works, and according to the developer there’s “Just got some final tweaks to get done then it’s ready to go" so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all get our hands on Glitch Dash.