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‘Stickman Disc Golf Battle’ is a Competition-Focused Take on the Classic Outdoor Game

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Developer Djinnworks, who typically focuses on releasing “Stickman" versions of popular sports games, has put a bigger emphasis on competition with their last couple of releases. Both Stickman Skate Battle (Free) and Stickman Cross Golf Battle (Free) feature full 3D visuals and arcade-y game mechanic spins on their respective sports that are geared for short rounds and online competition. It seems to be a popular formula and after the release of Stickman Cross Golf Battle back in November Djinnworks got a lot of requests from players for a disc golfing game in a similar vein. After putting together a proof of concept for such a game, they realized they had something pretty fun on their hands, and thus Stickman Disc Golf Battle was born. Here’s some video of a very early work-in-progress version.

If you’ve never played disc golf in real life, well, you are truly missing out. Traditional golf is a very tricky sport to master with its variety of clubs and reliance on strong swing mechanics which can take years and years to hone. Disc golf has its own set of skills and strategies, but pretty much everyone can throw a disc, so it makes it a much more approachable hobby in my opinion. Stickman Disc Golf Battle looks like a solid video game representation of that. While we don’t have a release window just yet, you can follow along with the progress of its development in our forums and we’ll let you know once a launch date is announced.

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