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Sail On a Giant Hot Dog and Other Silly Boats in ‘Silly Sailing’, Coming Next Thursday

I guess while we’re on the topic of weird game premises, we might as well talk about Silly Sailing, the new upcoming game from Devm Games of Extreme Forklifting fame. It’s a top-down sailing game that has you harnessing the power of wind gusts to pilot a variety of, well, silly sailboats around different watery courses as quickly as possible. Interestingly, this is an asynchronous game so you’ll be battling against the ghost runs from players around the world all vying for the best time on each course. Check out the trailer for Silly Sailing.

Yes, any game that allows you to pilot a giant hot dog, a big shoe, or a couple of hastily lashed together giant bananas gets an automatic thumbs up in my book. Unlocking increasingly bizarre boats is a big appeal of Silly Sailing, but it also looks to have some pretty solid mechanics as not only are you trying to utilize the wind direction as best as possible but there’s also whirlpools that you’ll want to gently graze in order to fling your craft forward without accidentally getting sucked in. It looks super cool, so keep an eye out for Silly Sailing when it launches on January 18th and in the meantime head to the forum thread for some discussion.