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‘Forgotten Hill Mementoes’ is a Very Creepy Point-and-Click Adventure Horror Game Launching Next Week

Back in 2016, FM Studio released a trio of extremely dark and twisted horror-themed point-and-click adventures known as the Forgotten Hill series. It kicked off with Forgotten Hill: Fall (Free) in February, followed by the sequel Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer (Free) in July, and finally Forgotten Hill: Surgery (Free) in December. The series began life as a web game and in fact all three entries also had accompanying web versions, so FM Studio took most of 2017 to release a bunch of small web-exclusive mini-games called Mementoes, that were separate from the main storyline of Forgotten Hill but served to flesh out the lore and universe further. Now they’re putting all those mini-games together, alongside a previously unreleased (and “very long") new chapter in the series called Mischief Night, into one single app called Forgotten Hill Mementoes. Here’s the trailer.

What’s interesting to me about the entire Forgotten Hill series is that it appears to have gone entirely under the radar of our community, and thus under my own radar as well. Which is weird because TouchArcadians like their adventure games and like these horror-type themes. I love the look of Forgotten Hill Mementoes in the above trailer, and now I’ve gone and downloaded all three previous games to take them for a spin before Mementoes hits the App Store next Thursday, January 18th. It’s cool because they’re all free with ads and a one-time IAP to remove them, so there’s no reason not to at least check them out if you’re interested in this sort of game. If you do end up enjoying them, then look for Forgotten Hill Mementoes next week.