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‘Blocky Racing’ is a Cool-Looking Kart Racer that’s Launching Next Week

Given how well racing games work on mobile, and how popular and approachable kart racers have become since Super Mario Kart kicked off the genre a few decades ago, I’m surprised there aren’t more of them available on the App Store. Nexx Studio wants to add their take on the genre with their upcoming Blocky Racing, and it’s a bit of a different spin on the typical formula. It’ll feature racing of course, as well as special items like weapons to take out your opponents and shields to protect you from attacks. However, this one uses an isometric perspective which sort of harkens back to the classic RC Pro Am, and the damage modeling of your karts is actually represented by losing the little blocks that make up each vehicle. It’s pretty neat, check out the trailer.

Blocky Racing will feature “over 55 unique tracks and dozens of racers with unique stats to be unlocked" and is scheduled to release on both Android and iOS next Thursday, January 18th. However, if you just can’t wait for then, Blocky Racing is also currently in beta and you can get in on that ahead of the official launch. Just head on over to the official website to sign up for potential testing. If you have a BIT more patience though, it won’t be long until Blocky Racing officially releases next Thursday and until that time you can discuss this game in our forums.