Victorian-Era Strategy Game ‘Antihero’ Finally Hits the App Store

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2018 is already off and running with new game releases as the highly-anticipated digital board game Antihero ($4.99) has finally landed in the App Store. Antihero first popped up on our radar way back in September of 2014 after it had already been in development for about a year. We then spent the next 3+ years seeing the game in various stages of development at all the typical game conferences we’d attend, always liking what we’d see but never being fully convinced that the game would actually release. Today I’m very happy to have been proven wrong and based on the early impressions of the game in our forums so far and the very positive reception Antihero received when it launched on desktop back in July, it sounds like it was well worth the wait.

Antihero is a turn-based strategy game that has you playing, as you could probably guess from its title, as the bad guys in a Victorian-era setting. You’ll run a guild and hire a gang of ruffians who do your evil bidding like bribing, stealing, blackmailing, and even murdering in order to take over the city. There’s a story-driven campaign mode as well as skirmish battles against AI opponents for single player, and both ranked and casual PvP modes for online multiplayer. The online is even cross-platform with the desktop version that released back in July, so hopefully that means there’s already a good player pool of opponents to square off against. We’ll be diving more into Antihero now that it’s finally out, but if you’ve been waiting years to get your hands on this one you can grab it right now with the link below and share your thoughts about it in our forums.

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