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Deep Silver and Animation Arts Bringing ‘Lost Horizon 2’ to iOS in February

Deep Silver has worked to bring the majority of the Animation Arts adventure games library to mobile over the years, and they’re gearing up to bring the 2015 hit sequel Lost Horizon 2 to iOS this coming February. The original Lost Horizon first became available on mobile back in November of 2015, but that version has since been pulled and was replaced just a few weeks ago with Lost Horizon (2017) ($3.99), possibly due to a change in publisher accounts in the App Store. Whatever the case, it’s the full game in one package and follows the events of the Indiana Jones-esque Fenton Paddock as he races against the Nazis to find a lost expedition of scientists (and their revolutionary discovery) before it can fall into the wrong hands. The sequel takes place nearly two decades later during the Cold War-era 1950s as Fenton needs to breach the Iron Curtain in order to save his family from peril.

Like the original Lost Horizon, the sequel Lost Horizon 2 will release as a complete package at a single price with no IAP. It’s pretty refreshing to see adventure games that aren’t released episodically, but I guess that’s the benefit of bringing an already finished game from desktop to mobile. Also, Animation Arts’ other iOS adventure games will be on sale shortly if you want to get in the groove ahead of Lost Horizon 2’s launch. That will include the original Lost Horizon ($3.99) and Secret Files: Tunguska ($3.99) which will both be reduced to $1.99, and Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis ($3.99) which will be reduced to $2.99. That sale runs from December 23rd to the 27th, so keep an eye out for that, and Lost Horizon 2 should be arriving on iOS early next year on February 8th, 2018.