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ARKit Game ‘Orbu’ Is a Charming Puzzle Game Launching December 21st

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Augmented Reality games haven’t yet exploded on the App Store, and might never do, but that doesn’t stop some promising ones from finding their way to our devices and—by extension—our living rooms and kitchen tables. Orbu ($1.99), from a team mostly consisting of developers who worked at Sony’s London Studio on Playstation VR Worlds and other titles, is a puzzle game inspired by Zen gardens, and you can clearly see that inspiration in the game’s art. Using Zen gardens as an inspiration helps Orbu look lovely when projected in the real world and helps it tie in better with your furniture.

As you can see from the trailer, Orbu uses a slingshot mechanic and has you flinging three very cute creatures across obstacle courses as you try and help them find their way to their spiritual homes. The three animals, Tanuki (racoon dog), Noko (turtle), and Konkon (fox) are very cute and will definitely help make the game fun for little ones. The game is ready for pre-order on the App Store, and when it releases on December 21st, it will cost you $2.99 for the first three chapters.

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    Orbu is an Augmented Reality (AR) game where you use a slingshot action to move cute creatures around different levels, …
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