Simogo’s Entire Mobile Library Now Supports the iPhone X Screen

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This has been a somewhat harrowing saga as we’ve followed along with Simogo as they’ve updated their entire mobile games library not once but TWICE in the past 6 months; first to be fully 64-bit compatible for the arrival of iOS 11 in September, and now to be fully supporting the entire screen of the iPhone X which launched in early November. Today that saga comes to an end (for now!) as their original trilogy of iOS games Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99), Bumpy Road ($2.99), and Kosmo Spin ($2.99) have all received iPhone X updates. They join SPL-T ($2.99), Device 6 ($3.99), The Sailor’s Dream ($3.99), and Year Walk ($3.99) which have all received iPhone X updates over the course of the last few weeks.

Simogo has not been shy about what a pain in the rear these updates have been for their tiny two-person studio. I think they were annoyed by the 64-bit requirement but were at least willing to update their games to keep them living on for their customers, but when the new screen size of the iPhone X came just a couple of months later it was just a double whammy of annoyance. Not only that, but being just two people meant that the grunt work of compatibility updates to existing games has prevented them from working on their brand new game which they first announced last year. Earlier this week Simogo penned a blog post outlining all of this, and stated that at least for the time being their development efforts and their new game will only be targeting consoles and not mobile. It’s a very sad thing for someone like me who has been loving Simogo’s stuff since the beginning, but it’s also totally understandable. Hopefully things work out and we’ll be seeing more Simogo stuff on mobile at some point in the future, but at the very least I’d like them to know I truly appreciate these updates for their existing mobile games and I really doubt I’m alone in that.

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