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EightyEight Games Reveals Trailer for ‘Photographs’, Coming Next Year

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We’ve blasted through dungeons in 10000000 ($2.99), tried our hand as a shipwright in You Must Build a Boat ($2.99), and taunted other players in Smarter Than You (Free), but next year we’ll be digging through puzzles in Photographs, the next title from EightyEight Games. Photographs is a mysterious puzzle game with stories spread across five different times and locations. Each story features its own puzzle-packed gameplay. Check out the trailer:

What has us raising our eyebrow at Photographs is the developer’s insistence that it isn’t specifically a puzzle game, instead, it’s a narrative-based game. Or, as they put it, “Why have a level select screen? Why not use that time and space to elevate a puzzle game and really tell a story? That’s the problem that Photographs sets out to solve." It’s an interesting question, and so far I’ve loved everything released by EightyEight Games’ Luca Redwood so… whatever strange direction Photographs goes in, I’m totally onboard.

Oh, and if the art in the game looks familiar, that’s because it’s by Octavi Navarro of Thimbleweed Park ($9.99) fame. Ben Prunty is behind the music, and he also did the soundtrack for FTL ($9.99). With this kind of talent in the mix, I’m not sure how Photographs could be anything but amazing.

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