‘Rule with an Iron Fish’, One of 2016’s Best Hidden Gems, is Getting New Content and iPhone X Support Soon

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One of last year’s best games, and really one of the more enjoyable and unique games for mobile in general, was Kestrel Games’ Rule with an Iron Fish ($3.99). It’s a game about fishing but is certainly not a fishing simulation game, of which there are several on the App Store. Instead, Rule with an Iron Fish almost feels like one of those incremental idle games, but one where you actually DO stuff. The progression system is addictive as you’re constantly catching new fish, getting new equipment, and unlocking new areas. Everything has a grander feel to it though as there’s also a full world to explore filled with non-player characters to interact with, all of which have quite colorful personalities. It’s like many of the best parts of an RPG have been whittled down into a super-mobile friendly package with a perfect gameplay loop for short gaming sessions. Oh, and did I mention it’s a totally paid, premium title with no IAP? tl;dr: I love Rule with an Iron Fish.

Anyway, fans of the game may have been wondering what Ketrel Games has been up to for all of 2017 and the answer appears to be “porting Rule with an Iron Fish to Steam." The game launched there back in August, complete with some additional content not found in the original mobile version. Well, good news folks as Kestrel has announced on Twitter that the iOS version of the game will soon be getting support for that beautiful iPhone X screen and they’ll also be adding in that additional content from the Steam release into the mobile version.

I haven’t played the game on Steam myself, but as best as I can tell that additional content includes 20 new types of fish as well as a cat bobber and a pirate kitten. I’ll take it! More importantly to me personally though is that sweet, sweet iPhone X support as Rule with an Iron Fish is one of the best one-handed portrait games and it’ll be even better utilizing the full screen of Apple’s latest device. No specific release date was mentioned for the new update, but if you’re unfamiliar with Rule with an Iron Fish and missed out on it before be sure to read our original review, our update notes when it went Universal, the game’s forum thread that’s filled with even more impressions, and our list of the Best Hidden Gems of 2016 which includes this great little game.

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