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‘Tako Bubble’ is a Great Looking Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer Coming in January

Taiwanese developer Noice2D, which is really just two people, have announced their new upcoming mobile game called Tako Bubble, and it’s looking really neat. Tako Bubble is a turn-based puzzle platformer that has you guiding an adorable octopus around numerous hazards and enemies in order to pop 3 special glittering bubbles and move on to the next level. There are 10 different types of enemies in the game each with different movement and attack patterns, so you’ll need to become familiar with them and keep that in mind while making each move otherwise you might find yourself cornered and becoming somebody’s next order of calamari. Check out the trailer for Tako Bubble.

There will be 60 levels to work your way through in Tako Bubble, and in addition to just completing each level you can also choose to seek out and collect 31 different hidden pixel art beetles throughout the game as an added goal. You’ll control your octopus using simple 1-finger 4-direction swipe controls, and if you’re anxious to try out the game ahead of its iOS release then check out the free HTML5 demo version here. That web demo features exclusive levels and it’s even playable right through your mobile device’s browser. For the real deal game, Tako Bubble is scheduled to launch on iOS and Android January 11th for free with ads and a one-time $1.99 IAP to remove them. Until then, check out the game’s forum thread for more.