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We’ve already posted our Reigns: Her Majesty ($2.99) review, and chances are you wouldn’t be looking up cheat guides like these if you didn’t also agree, at least on some level, that the sequel to Reigns ($2.99) is incredible. The addition of the item system and the zodiac calendar has, however, added several layers of complication that makes getting all the endings particularly difficult- Especially getting the “good" ending. Needless to say, this guide is absolutely chock-full of spoilers. I really, really recommend playing Her Majesty through to completion to get at least one of the endings before diving in, but, hey, it’s a free country. You do you.

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let’s get down to business.All three endings of the game are accessible if you are successful in giving the Mother the celestial book during an eclipse. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to do that. We’re starting from the very beginning here, some of the early steps are basically unskippable and part of the “tutorial," but, for the sake of completion, here goes:

Step 1. At the end of your 3rd reign, the Mother will give you a blank spellbook. She gives you a single quest: Find her crown and give it to her. Basically, just die three times and you’ll get the blank spellbook. (I told you, this starts easy.)

Step 2. You need to give blank spellbook to the acolyte, who you will be able to recruit through the coronation ball, which is an inevitable event which will begin occurring after your second reign. The acolyte changes the blank spellbook into a red spellbook.

Step 3. You can use the red spellbook when you encounter animals which allows you to speak to them. Use the red spellbook on the cat, who then tells you to speak to the fox.

Step 4. Shortly after you speak to the cat, you should be able to ask the hunter for a fox- And be sure to specify that you want it alive. Use the red spellbook on the fox to talk to it. He will tell you to talk to him again during cancer. When a new queen rises, she’s associated to a zodiac sign on the “dynasty wheel" between reigns. The zodiac sign for cancer looks like two fishes chasing each other in circle. Before you talk yo the fox in cancer, you need to do a few other things.

Step 5. First, you need to acquire the destiny clock. By this time, you should have been easily able to recruit the doctor and the merchant. If not, just keep playing until you encounter them. After a while the doctor will give you a small broken clock, but you can give the doctor the red spellbook to trigger this event quicker. Give the broken clock to the merchant, who fixes it and gives you back the destiny clock. (The acolyte will be able to describe your zodiac sign if you give the clock to her.)

Step 6. Next, you need a pistol and functioning duel room. To get the duel room, you need to have recruited the merchant and accept her offer to repair the duel room. To get the pistol, you must recruit the explorer. When the explorer asks you where to go next, tell him to go north. He will return with a barbarian prisoner who will eventually give you a pistol and offer to train in the duel room. Choose “fire" when one of the card contains the word “wrong," otherwise select “take a step."

Step 7. At some point, the king will want to go in the garden for his birthday. Accept, and enter the garden. The garden will allow you to change which zodiac sign you’re currently under. Wander around until you find the sign that you want, then use the destiny clock, which will change your sign to the sign on the current card.

Step 8. Either by using the garden and the destiny clock or just by waiting for a queen to be born under the sign of cancer (which again, looks like two fish) you will be able to meet the fox and use the red spellbook on him. (This requires a lot of things to be going right in your reign to get to the garden, advance the zodiac to cancer, and then run into the fox, so be sure to be patient and persistent.) The fox will guide you to the Lady of the Wood, a deer, who explains that you have to fight yourself to carry on.

Step 9. The merchant will eventually give you a mirror. Use your pistol on the mirror card when you have the opportunity to duel yourself. Select “fire" when the sentence includes a quote from the Mother, otherwise select “take a step."

Step 10. After that, you will die and the Mother will transform your red spellbook into a celestial spellbook.

Step 11. During another reign, the Mother must tell you to “follow the sun." To do this, you need to go back to the maze. An easy way to do this is by using the celestial clock on an animal who will then guide you back to the maze.

Step 12. In the maze, follow the sun. You need to use the clues provided by looking at the shadows of the cards that get presented, or, just go directly towards the sun if you can. You eventually will find a “moon monument" of sorts (you’ll know it when you find it). Use the destiny clock on this monument to trigger the eclipse. Your celestial book now shows a crown.

Step 13. When you die at the end of the eclipse, you will meet the Mother. Give her the crown book. The next choices you make determine which ending you’re going to get.

Note: None of these endings really are “good" or “bad," this is just common nomenclature for video game endings where the “good" one is the most elaborate. To truly “beat" Reigns: Her Majesty, you should experience all three. In this case, the “good" ending is really quite complicated, and requires a considerable amount of luck to have all the events transpire how they should inside of a particular reign.

The “Bad" Ending: Just keep swiping until the end.

The “OK" EndingWhen the Mother tells you not to fight her, throw any object at herm then keep swiping until the end.

The “Good" Ending: When the Mother tells you that you should not fight her, do the following-

  1. Play the emoji gun.
  2. Play the mobile phone.
  3. Play the credit card.
  4. Play the usb key.
  5. Play the emoji gun again, and swipe until the end.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Wait, what? Emoji gun? Credit card? What madness is this?" Well, these are all “evolved" versions of the items you acquire throughout the game and it’s possible that by now you might have one or two of them that you got on accident or by randomly trying things in game.

Anyway, you need the witch to turn your various items into their final state required for the “good" ending. To recruit the witch, accept the request of the cardinal to be a judge in a witch trial. When asked if she’s a witch, simply say “no."

Getting the Emoji Gun: Get the pistol from the barbarian, as mentioned above. Either be born during sagittarius or advance the zodiac symbol to sagittarius using the garden. (Look for the card with a symbol on it that looks like an arrow pointing up and to the right with a cross on the bottom.) During sagittarius, buy a riverboat, recruit the pirate, and fight her in a duel. You’ll want to shoot when she says, “O, all these labors and yet no glory to the name."

Then, if you have a baby boy, she will ask who should be the heir to the throne. She says you should be queen, and if you use the pistol on her when she asks, she will turn your ceremonial pistol you’ve been carrying all this time into a real pistol, which you can then use to kill the king. Once you do that, the witch will eventually come and ask to see your pistol. Give it to her and she will “upgrade" it to the emoji gun.

Getting the Mobile Phone: Continue to send the hunter on a hunter on hunts until he returns with the glorious prize of a chicken bone. If you max out the church bar, the cardinal will ask you to pass a sainthood test. Give the cardinal the chicken bone to have him turn it into a relic. Trigger an eclipse using the instructions mentioned above, and try to survive until you can talk to the witch. She will ask for the relic. (If you don’t have the relic by this point the witch will trigger the sainthood test.) Give the witch the relic and in exchange, she will turn it into a mobile phone.

Getting the Credit Card: Pay attention to which sign you’re born under, head into the maze using any of the methods outlined above, and use the destiny clock on your current zodiac sign. The witch will then change your destiny clock into a credit card.

Getting the USB Key: After you’ve recruited the witch, she will offer to bury a time capsule, you know, like witches do. After the year 1587, the time capsule will randomly be found again. Its contents will allow you to turn your perfume into the USB key.

Now that you’ve got all the items in order, you just need to meet the Mother again, and when she tells you not to fight her, give her the items in the order mentioned above. Now just sit back, keep swiping, and enjoy the shockingly complex journey you went through to reach the “good" ending.

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