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Craneballs Release First Trailer for ‘Fling Fighters’ and Announce a January 11th Release Date

Back in June developer Craneballs, who you likely know from their mega-popular Overkill series or the colorful top-down driving game Splash Cars, revealed an upcoming game called Fling Fighters with an extremely vague teaser trailer. A follow-up teaser screenshot indicated that this would be a physics-based fighting game of some sort, or at least that’s what I figured. They actually soft-launched the game on Android not long after that, so if you were on that platform and in the know, you’d already know what Fling Fighters was all about. That wasn’t me, though, so when Craneballs released the first official trailer for the game today, it was a surprise to me, and a very pleasant one at that.

As you can see, Fling Fighters is most definitely a fighting game, but not in the traditional sense. As the “fling" in the title alludes to, you’ll actually launch projectiles at your enemy as you move and jump about in some exceedingly dangerous environments filled with traps and hazards. It looks like you have a rapid fire projectile attack as well as one that’s flung similar to how you pull back and fling birds in Angry Birds. With all the chaos going on and your opponent constantly gunning for you, Fling Fighters looks like some seriously frantic fun. Alongside the trailer Craneballs have also announced an official release date of January 11th, 2018 so be sure to have this one on your radar for next month and drop by the forum thread for some discussion.