Huge ‘Cat Quest’ Update Arrives Bringing New Game+ Mode, iPhone X Support, and More

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Back in August developer The Gentlebros released Cat Quest ($4.99) to the world, and it was basically a masterclass in how to make an open-world style action RPG for mobile by streamlining the game for pick up and play without losing any of the fun in the process. Also it’s filled with amazing cat puns. We loved Cat Quest in our review and awarded it the Game of the Week when it released, and don’t be shocked if you see it high up in the discussions when we start doing our Best Games of 2017 stuff. Back in September, The Gentlebros detailed a forthcoming update to Cat Quest that would add in a couple new modes and some new features, and that update is now live in the App Store.

First up is the New Game+ mode, which operates pretty much as in similar games. Once you’ve beaten Cat Quest you can choose to start in New Game+ and play through the game again using your current level and equipment. An arguably more interesting take on that idea is the Mew Game mode, which you can also play once beating the main game. Here you’ll actually begin the game fresh but with optional “meow-difiers" which affect how you can play. For example, the Naked Cat meow-difier won’t allow you to equip any armors or weapons, so you’ll need to beat the game just with what you start with. Or the Level One meow-difier which forces you to play through the entire game as just a Level 1 character. These should add a tremendous amount of challenge to the game for seasoned players, and appropriately there are special rewards and achievements to unlock by playing Mew Game in different ways.

Finally, this update also adds support for the full screen of the iPhone X, and Cat Quest looks absolutely glorious running on it. The game is also now localized for Russian language. If iOS isn’t your thing, then don’t forget that Cat Quest is also available on Android, on the Nintendo Switch, and on Steam if you’d prefer to play on any of those platforms instead. No matter which platform you choose, the important thing is to just play Cat Quest because it’s fantastic and it’s only gotten better with this latest update.

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