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The Truth is in Your Pocket as ‘The X-Files: Deep State’ Heads to Mobile in 2018

With the cult-classic sci-fi drama The X-Files being resurrected last year, it’s not surprising that the series would be expanding into different promotional avenues and spin-offs, including video games. And with the premise of the show being FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully traveling the world to investigate and hopefully solve various mysteries, it would make sense that a video game based on the show would focus on the same thing. It makes so much sense that that’s exactly what Creative Mobile will be bringing with their upcoming mobile game The X-Files: Deep State. It’s an adventure game that has you playing an FBI special agent investigating those cases which are just too darn weird for regular agents alongside your partner Agent Dale. Check out the teaser.

While it’s kind of disappointing not being able to play as the main characters from the show, Scully and Mulder, if you just enjoy the storylines and mystery behind the cases in the X-Files TV shows then Deep State should still be a pretty entertaining way to expand the universe a bit. While no release date is specified, The X-Files: Deep State is slated for release across iOS, Android, and Facebook sometime in 2018. In fact, it looks to already be available on the Google Play store, so feel free to give it a look if you’re on Android and let us know what you think. Otherwise, look for this one sometime next year.