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‘Marvel Strike Force’ Is a Squad-Based Mobile RPG Coming in 2018

Get ready for more Marvel on your phone. Today, FoxNext Games and Marvel Entertainment revealed Marvel Strike Force, a squad-based mobile RPG that will heroically take even more of your money. I don’t think the game’s description will surprise you. In Marvel Strike Force you collect various Marvel characters, create your team, and enjoy some strategic combat (which you can see in the teaser below). In the process, you’ll collect new gear and upgrades to make your team even stronger and take down S.H.I.E.L.D. So, nothing too surprising or original in this game, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be lots of fun and great fan service.

Pre-registrations for both iOS and Android are already open, and if you pre-register, you get 500 Power Cores, 50,000 Gold, and a 3-Star Daredevil to get you started. If you’re planning on playing the game, you should definitely pre-register. I expect Marvel Strike Force to do quite well given how Marvel can (almost) do no wrong in movie theaters, which has really helped the franchise’s popularity with your average gamer. Expect the game to land next year.