‘Street Fighter IV CE’ is Heading to Android and Capcom is Looking for Beta Testers

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I don’t own an Android device and aside from covering news that pertains to both iOS and Android I don’t really follow the scene over on Google’s platform. But I’m pretty certain that none of Capcom’s mobile iterations of Street Fighter have been on Android devices in the past, at least officially. Which makes today’s news especially exciting for Android gamers as the Capcom Mobile Twitter account has tweeted out that they’re looking for beta testers for the forthcoming Android version of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition ($2.99). The tweet comes with a link to a survey which you can fill out to drop your name in the hat of potential beta testers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Street Fighter IV CE, it landed on iOS back in July and is essentially a revamped version of the original 2010 mobile version of Street Fighter IV and its online multiplayer capable 2011 counterpart Street Fighter IV Volt. Besides compatibility with the latest versions of iOS and the latest iOS device screen sizes, and some slightly improved visuals and additional characters, Street Fighter IV CE is largely the same as those previous games. And, well, since I LOVED those previous games I also loved Champion Edition in our review. It certainly won’t fit the bill if you’re expecting competition-level fighting, but it’s fun as heck and can fit in your pocket which makes it well worth it in my eyes.

Capcom has also added to the game since release, with 3 new fighters arriving in August and another 3 arriving just last month alongside some nice quality of life improvements to the matchmaking. Hopefully the Android version will be cross-platform so all of us mobile street fighters can play against each other, but at any rate if you’re an Android owner wanting to get your hands on Street Fighter IV CE for your device of choice, fill out the survey and hopefully make it into the beta testing pool, and we’ll let you know when the official release of the Android version is announced.

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