‘Street Fighter IV Champion Edition’ Gets 3 New Characters, a Solution to Rage Quitters, and Price Drop to $1.99

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When Capcom launched Street Fighter IV Champion Edition ($4.99) this past July, they had already laid out plans for at least two content updates for the game that would add in 6 additional players to the roster. The first of those updates landed the very next month, adding Evil Ryu, Guy, and Gouken to the mix as well as some welcome play balancing and performance optimizations. Now today, about two months removed from the previous update, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition has received the second of those promised content updates.

As previously announced, Rose, Juri, and Elena have been added to the roster, but perhaps even more exciting than 3 new characters is that Capcom has also attempted to address the rage quitting problem in the online multiplayer portions of the game. Now should an opponent drop from the match the computer AI will take over allowing you to finish out the match and (hopefully) earn your win. This seems like it will be a simple but effective solution to people who feel the need to quit out of a match when they’re about to lose.

Street Fighter IV CE is a bit of an odd duck. It’s technically not much more than a refreshed version of the original Street Fighter IV mobile game that launched way back in 2010, and it certainly pales in comparison to newer games in terms of visuals and presentation. On the other hand, that 2010 game was incredibly fun, and is even more so in this 2017 version with its expanded roster and numerous improvements. As a huge fan of all the mobile Street Fighters I really enjoyed Champion Edition in our review, but it’s certainly been a polarizing release.

At any rate, to celebrate the new update today, Street Fighter IV CE is again on sale for just $1.99 down from its regular price of $4.99, so it’s worth taking a punt on it for a couple of bucks if you enjoy fighting games and want a highly playable one with online multiplayer that fits in your pocket.

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