‘Mikey Jumps’ Version 3.0 Update Adds Endless Mode and Tons of New Items

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Mikey has flexed a lot of different abilities ever since first arriving in the App Store (and our hearts) back in 2012. From running, to jumping, to swinging, to rocket booting, Mikey has done it all. And in his latest endeavor, he does all of those things at the same time. Mikey Jumps (Free) arrived just over a year ago and it mashes all of Mikey’s talents together into an auto-running platformer. The results were really good. Then this past May, a huge version 2.0 update arrived for Mikey Jumps adding in 200 new levels and a new portal mechanic. Now Mikey is back with another huge update, this time adding in a slick endless mode and a bunch of new vanity items to unlock.

The way endless works is that the game will throw a random assortment of levels at you which get increasingly more difficult. Besides tracking the overall number of levels you can get through before your hearts run out, you’ll also receive a medal for every 20 levels you complete, up to 200. What happens after 200? I don’t know, I’m not that good. But if you find out let me know. Also this update adds 75 new items to equip Mikey with, which you can unlock randomly through gacha chests or just outright buy in packs of 15 for a buck each. Playing Mikey dress-up is half the fun so I’m pretty excited about seeing some new items. If you’re a Mikey Jumps fan then grab version 3.0 from the App Store now, and if you’re not yet acquainted with Mikey then definitely give it a look for free.

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