‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Won’t Distract from ‘Pokemon GO’ Says Niantic

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The news that Niantic is developing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made many, many fans of the franchise very happy but also made Pokemon GO (Free) players nervous. Many Pokemon GO players started complaining that the game is still lacking many of the promised features (trading, etc) and felt that the Wizards Unite announcement meant that Pokemon GO would be pretty much left as is, with no new features added. Niantic listened to all those complains and responded in an attempt to allay all those fears. After expressing their excitement about the Harry Potter news, the Pokemon GO developers stated that they are 100% committed to creating an ever-changing and growing game that helps players deepen their connection to the Pokemon universe and with each other.

In fact, they are in the process of expanding the Pokemon GO team in an effort to bring more features to the game in 2018, with more details on that coming next week. And to prove that point, the announcement ends with a list of job openings across all Niantic’s games. So, it looks like the Pokemon GO cash cow will continue to grow, although we’ll have to see in action how substantially. Head over here for the whole announcement.

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