‘HQ Live Trivia Show’ Continues to Grow—Is This the Start of a New Mobile Genre?

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A few weeks back, we wrote about HQ Live Trivia Show (Free), the game from the creators of Vine that has players answering live trivia questions twice a day for real money. I’ve been playing the game ever since, and I’ve been seeing the game grow day by day. A week and a bit ago, the game had around 26 thousand players and a prize of (usually) $500, but yesterday the game had over 80 thousand players and a prize of $5000. The game is pretty simple. You have to answer 12 questions right in order to get a cut of the $500, but the live host and the live nature of the game makes it feel different than most other App Store trivia games.

The question is whether HQ Live‘s growth will push other developers to go the synchronous game show route. The mobile platform is pretty much the only one that allows for these kinds of games, since players almost always have access to their phones and can consistently play live games in a way that players of other platforms can’t. What do you think about the future of games like HQ Live? Have you had a chance to play it? If yes, do you see more of these games coming down the line in the near future?

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