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Nitrome and Keybol Announce ‘Tower Fortress’ is Coming November 16th

Back in August of last year, Pretentious Game and Kill the Plumber developer Keybol announced a new mobile game project called Tower Fortress. It was to be an action platforming game that had you working your way up a tower full of levels, blasting away baddies in the process and hopefully avoiding the spinning spike wheel of death that was slowly following you up the tower and forcing you to keep moving. It definitely had a bit of a Downwell vibe and was also pretty similar to Nitrome’s wonderful Leap Day. That last point is important, as originally Tower Fortress was set to launch in March of this year, but we learned in April that the game was being delayed as Keybol had actually partnered up with Nitrome to publish the game and to revamp its artwork. Now, after what has felt like forever, Nitrome has announced on Twitter that Tower Fortress is finished and all set to launch next week on November 16th.

Being a huge fan of both Downwell and Leap Day, and awesome platformers in general, I’ve really been anxious to finally get my hands on Tower Fortress. While I don’t think there’s an official trailer for the mobile version of the game just yet, take a look at the trailer for the Steam version of Tower Fortress which gives you an idea of the updated artwork compared to the previous trailers we’ve posted in the past, and of course keep your eye out for the game to officially launch next week.