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Charming ‘The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk’ Coming to Mobile November 22nd

Take an entertaining story and fill it with charming characters, and you’ve got yourself a fun adventure game. At least that’s usually what the recipe is, and The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, the sequel to The Inner World from back in 2014, seems to nail it. In this adventure game, Robert, Laura, and the very cute pigeon Peck set off to find the legendary last wind monk (the name gives me a chuckle) in an attempt to stop Emil, this one guy who’s made everyone believe the kingdom of Asposia is in cahoots with dark forces. Robert will do his best to save Asposia, but first he’ll have to shake off the stiffness that comes with being petrified for three years.

In The Last Wind Monk, you can switch between playing the humans of the group or controlling Peck in a Maniac Mansion kind of way. And, given that this is an adventure game, there are tons of puzzles for you to solve, many of them hilarious. The game also comes with a hint system, which helps players make it through the game without getting frustrated. And the game looks very pretty, which definitely doesn’t hurt. The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk releases November 22nd and should be a no-brainer for those who enjoy the genre.