Zach Gage’s ‘Flipflop Solitaire’ Is Available Now, It’s a Sequel of Sorts to ‘Sage Solitaire’

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Players in our community really like Zach Gage’s Sage Solitaire and Really Bad Chess, so every time he comes out with a new game, our readers pay attention. Today, Flipflop Solitaire (Free), the sequel of sorts to Sage Solitaire, is out, and it looks like another interesting take on the classic card game. The twist in this one is that you can stack both up and down, but you can only move stacks of a single suit. These two simple changes to the rules change the way you approach the game and turn it into a Zach Gage game, where traditional rules are slightly tweaked to offer a whole new experience.

As Gage points out, this is his second attempt at turning Solitaire into a game suitable for a phone rather than a table, which is partly why he found a way to make the game have fewer stacks. And while the game looks simple, it will probably break your brain until you get the hang of it, which is the sign of a good puzzle game. You can play Flipflop Solitaire for free from 1-4 suits, with a single $2.99 IAP unlocking 5 suit and 1 Suit Extended. Enjoy breaking your brain as you try to master Flipflop Solitaire.

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